Dear Church Family,

Thank you for your gift of appreciation last month. It is wonderful to feel appreciated. Brenda and I appreciate you! You have made us feel “at home.” Pastoring you during this time is a blessing. Preaching from the pulpit of First Baptist is a privilege and I thank you for the opportunity. It is my prayer that my interim ministry with you will in some way prepare the way for your next pastor. Whatever I can do to make the transition to your new pastor smooth and seamless is what I desire.

My title “for such a time as this” is interim pastor and the title is correct; however, I am your pastor for this time. Though I’m not at the church every day, I want to be available to you. Do not hesitate to call me or to have Katie let me know of your need or desire to meet with me or to speak with me.

The November sermon series will focus on the characteristics of thankfulness and generosity. These characteristics are paramount for the life of a Christian. We could make a case to say they are foundational to an abundant Christian life.

In December, we will celebrate Advent using a wreath with candles and readings for each Sunday, followed by a Christ candle for Christmas Eve. This tradition allows us to follow the progress of the season by lighting a candle while contemplating its meaning as it relates to the birth of Jesus. As we move through the season, a new candle is lit, bringing more and more light. So it is with the arrival of our Lord. As He comes closer to us, our world brightens. Each message will focus on the Advent theme for that Sunday:

• Hope

• Peace

• Joy

• Love

The Christmas Cantata will be Sunday, December 15. This will be a wonderful Sunday of worshipful Christmas music and song.
May God richly bless you through knowledge of the New Covenant purchased for us by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Pastor Joe