Along The Way

The month of October has always been a special month.  The weather starts getting cooler, we see the farms beginning their annual harvest, and we see the colors of Fall begin to appear.  And of course we begin to get into the time when the leaves fall and we are raking and vacuuming for weeks on end.  The following is an excerpt from a poem that was in the Atlantic Magazine that seems to say it all about the leaves:

Long months, saith the Maker, the leaves of his trees Have exulted, fair green, in the sun. Is it meet, now their laughter must cease, Now the gain of their living is won, Is it meet that unhonored they wait for their death? Shall a blast come forth From the mouth of the north, Shall the cold come down From the pole’s ice-crown, And scatter, unheeded, these leaves with its breath? Nay, saith the Maker, they shall not so fare; They shall triumph in passing, shall dying declare The worth and the grace of their service; on pyres, That each shall ignite with its own heart’s fires, The trees of the forest shall yield up the dress That was lent them for use and for loveliness; And the crown of the seasons shall be, Not noon of the summer nor dawn of the spring, But the time when a splendor of flaming shall bring The death of the leaves of the tree.

October also is bringing many blessings to First Baptist Church.  We will soon celebrate a service of baptism.  It is always a great day when we can witness a new believer stepping into the waters of baptism.  On October 8th the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh grades from First Christian School will sing during our worship service. Then on October 15th the Kindergarten, First, and Second grades will sing. We will want to welcome them into our worship service.

First Christian School is having a Fall Festival fund raiser on October 27th from 5 – 8:00 PM in the church parking lot.  This will include a Trunk or Treat, Face Painting, Cake Walk, and more. We will want to come out and support our school.  The following day, the Town of South Hill is sponsoring a Fall Crawl.  We will set up a tent and hand out treats and information about our church.

Finally, the Psalm I like to post for the month of October:

Many are the torments of the wicked, but steadfast love surrounds those who trust in the Lord.  Psalm 32:10

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John