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January 7, 2020

Dear First Baptist Church Family, Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Advent is a special time for me in the life of the church. I love the focus that celebrating Advent brings to the Christmas time of year. The candles, the readings, the music and the Scriptures bring a sense of assurance of our Lord Jesus’ love for us. The celebrations also bring a realization of God’s...

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November 7

Dear Church Family, Thank you for your gift of appreciation last month. It is wonderful to feel appreciated. Brenda and I appreciate you! You have made us feel “at home.” Pastoring you during this time is a blessing. Preaching from the pulpit of First Baptist is a privilege and I thank you for the opportunity. It is my prayer that my interim ministry with you will in some way prepare the way for...

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Sunday, October 6

Dear First Baptist Church Family,Sunday, October 6 will be a very special day of worship. We will ordain three deacons, Elizabeth Bishop, Angie Kellett, and Lisa Reese. The message will focus on the role of a deacon and the laying on of hands will be meaningful to these new deacons and to the church family. Pray for these, and all of your deacons. It has been my joy to work with the deacons...

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