Welcome to Spring! It’s a beautiful and hopeful season with a reminder of new life. As trees, shrubs, and flowers blossom, let us remember that God brings new life – not only in seasons such as the one we are in, but in the spirits of men, women, boys and girls. The new life He provides does not fade away into Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Rather, the new life He gives continues forever because of our Lord Jesus Christ the risen One.
We celebrate the One Who died and rose again. His death was the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all who would trust in Him for eternal life. The predicted suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah were real, and so is the result – that those who turn to Him receive forgiveness of sins and life everlasting.
Passion Week and Resurrection Sunday is my favorite time of the year because of the plan of God performed for His glory and for our good. Those who have attended the Worship Services or have listened to my sermons online or on the radio will likely have noticed that I try to let people know that forgiveness of sins and eternal life is not granted to everyone, and it is never granted due to one’s righteous life. It is only granted to those who know they need a Savior and that they cannot save themselves. Jesus’ death and resurrection were the greatest events of history. Jesus Christ the Lord is worthy of our worship and life. Blessed be the Lord.
As we serve Him together, let us place the focus upon Him and give Him the glory due to His Name. Let us live our Christian lives in the strength He provides. Let us love one another as He loved (and loves) us. Let us serve with gladness and with all our might.
With this in mind, please know that it is my desire to minister to everyone of all ages. Thus, we will be beginning a Children’s Church soon. Training of those who will lead this ministry is forthcoming. I trust that this will serve needs of our younger families, parents, and children, as well as give opportunities of service and training to those who will be conducting Children’s Church. Lord willing, you will be reading more about this in ensuing communications. We want to help in raising up the next godly generation at First Baptist Church of South Hill.
Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is being aired on the radio, streamed live over Facebook, and placed on two YouTube channels and on our church website. We are expanding our reach and the opportunities for people to worship the Lord with us who cannot be present, and for them to hear God’s Word. We are trusting the Lord for fruit which He will produce in His Own time and for His Own glory.
Janis and I are very encouraged and excited about First Baptist Church and First Christian School and we are asking the Lord to do a great work among us all.
May you have a most blessed beginning of Spring and may you sense the presence of our Lord in your life in the weeks to come. Grace and peace be to you.
~Pastor Steve