Since it is getting near to the time many do “Spring Cleaning” I thought it may be helpful if you had a brief view into my desires for our church.  Knowing that Jesus is the Chief Shepherd of the church and that it belongs to Him since He purchased it with His Own blood, I continue to pray for the hearts and minds of our people to be open to growth in many areas of Christian life.  I have endeavored by the guidance and will of the Lord, and to the glory of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, to have our Worship Services theocentric (God-centered) by the focus on His Word, the Bible. This was through several mechanisms, including the Call to Worship, selection of music with attention to lyrics about God or to God, thorough teaching and preaching of His Word (trusting that God uses His Word by His Spirit to work in His people and to bring the unsaved to a personal relationship with Jesus.)  I have attempted to carefully lessen or eliminate some of the things which would distract from this focus. Society, even Christian society, many times seems to long for, and cry out for, more comfortable, marketable, and self-centered activities in church, and even in a Worship Service. We should avoid this trend and give our attention to highlighting the Lord and His Word within our fellowship, especially in our Worship Service.

Our goal must be to glorify God and to grow in Christ.  With this in mind, it follows that I have endeavored to be faithful in teaching and preaching God’s Word in a way that honors God and His Word, and in a wholistic manner so as to reach all spiritual levels without being inaccurate with God’s Word.  Trusting in the transforming power of God’s Word, I have confidence that His Word accurately and faithfully taught and preached is imperative to the spiritual vitality of any church, and thus of our church.


“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” (Psalm 119:18)

Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Steve