In The Interim

As most have heard, the Deacons have called me to serve as your interim pastor.  Let me state that I am honored and plan to serve the membership of First Baptist Church of South Hill until the time a permanent pastor.  In addition, I look forward to meeting and talking with each one of you.  Over the next several months, we will worship the Lord our God with reverence and dedication to each other and our surrounding community. My contact information will be in the Sunday bulletin.  Always know you may contact me anytime and my door is always open.

I believe it is important to invite others to church.  That is the one keyways we deliver the word of Christ and grow the church. You may have heard the story of two longtime friends that often play golf together.  One of the two, in addition to playing during the week and also on Sundays would ask his friend if he would like to join him on the golf course Sunday morning.  His friend would politely decline explaining he would be in church Sunday morning. This went on for many months and each time the answer was the same.  He would be in church Sunday morning. Eventually, the churchgoer asked his friend, “Every week you ask if I would like to meet you on the golf course on Sunday morning, and I tell you I will be in church.  Why do you keep asking me?”  His friend quietly replied, “ When you decline, why haven’t you invited me to church?”

Matthew 29:19 Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  In Luke 10:2, Jesus says, “The harvest is plentiful…”  What better way to make disciple and increase the harvest than to invite your friends and neighbors to Sunday morning worship and Sunday school.


And finally, August 21st will be a special day in the life of the church.  We will set apart one person in a Deacon Ordination Service.  All members are encouraged to attend this special service.


Yours in Christ,


Rev. John Carey – Interim Pastor